Thursday, October 3, 2013

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Girls Weekend

Friday has finally arrived and I couldn't be any happier, this week has been very long and stressful. After a fun and very busy baby shower last weekend a good friend of mine invited me for a girls getaway this weekend and it couldn't come at a better time. I am in need of a break and some me time although I will say it doesn't come without its feeling of guilt. I have never been away from my little one over night or really anything over a few hours and I don't know how I'm going to make it two nights without her little face giving me and the belly kisses good night.... there may be a few tears tonight.

I know I need this me time and especially with baby #2 only 9 weeks away but the mommy side is making it very hard for me to just pick up and go. Wish me luck and some much needed relaxation time with no dishes, laundry or having to repeat my self more then once for something to get done. I will have more for you next week as to how it all turned out and because no post is complete without a picture of my little one... here is Annalise during our regular weekend smoothie time which I must say she enjoys very much... I love it too especially because it is packed with veggies and fruits and it tastes amazing. Thanks my love for taking such great care of your girls.

I'm going to miss you guys but I promise to return less stressed and more relaxed.

Monday, November 12, 2012

As the belly grows

The belly has been growing and I am definitely feeling a lot more pregnant this time around then I did with Annalise. I'm enjoying every week as it comes and taking pictures of the belly so we can look back and see the progression. 

I am officially 30 weeks only 10 more weeks until we get to hold our little man in our arms and add another beautiful baby to our family. I am so in love with our daughter I can't even imagine what this little man is going to do to me. At the moment I am trying to take in as much of Annalise as I can because soon she won't have my undivided attention and I've realized how fast she is growing. I honestly can't believe we have a two year old. She is such a character and such a cuddler that I just can't get enough of her... she does have her moments where the terrible two's come out but overall she's a great kid.

Here are some pictures of the belly.... watch it grow :)

9 Weeks

17 Weeks

20 Weeks

24 Weeks

27 Weeks

Friday, August 24, 2012

Hello Again

I know it has been far too long since I have posted anything new and I have a lot of catching up to do. We have definitely been busy which I know isn't the best excuse but I'm back and with some great news.... We are expecting our second baby on January 20, 2013. We recently told the family and because we can't just call and share our news Marco had to create something special for our family and friends.

Below is how we broke the news. Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

8 years later

February 14th marked our 8 year anniversary, I can still remember the day I met Macro. It seems like just yesterday that I was sitting at the Main Street Parade at Disneyland and cross the way there stood a very good looking guy. I wish I could say it was love at first sight but it wasn't although I did think he was mighty hot.... still do. From that day forward we kept running into each other, it turned out we had the same friends but never managed to make it to the same outings and so began our dating days. I know most people say the first year is the honeymoon of any relationship because you are getting to know your partner and going on adventures but I can honestly say ours lasted for three year and it keeps getting better with time.

Marco and I have gone through so much together and he has been my rock, the one person that has been by my side no matter what and has always had my back. I owe a lot to him and can't thank him enough for loving me and all of my imperfections. I have always known that Marco would be a great dad some day and that day started on April 18th when we found out we were having a little one. I was able to experience for the very first time just how wonderful we would be on November 1st when we welcomed our little miracle baby into this world.

I have fallen in love with Marco many times over the years but every time I see him with Annalise I fall just a little bit deeper and my heart grows a little more each time. Marco you are an amazing man, friend, partner in crime and Dad. I know Dad would be very proud of the man you have become . I look forward to our many adventures together and falling in love with you a million more times. I love you for who you are and especially for who I am because of you.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back Soon

It has been a little while since I have posted anything and I'm sorry between a busy schedule at work and family in town I have had very little free time. I promise I will be back next week with some new posts and pics as well. I hope everyone is having a great summer and see you all soon :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Three Days

Three days seems like a lifetime when you're waiting for the weekend but for us it wasn't enough time. After just three days of having Annalise home we had to rush her to the hospital because she was having a really hard time breathing and eating at the same time. We thought we would be there for a day maybe two but our trip quickly turned into the scariest experiences of my life.

We checked in at 1:30 am on January 2 and we were quickly moved in because RSV season was in high alert. Annalise was seen by the head respiratory therapist who suctioned her nose and mouth to clear anything out, she didn't think there was going to be much because she didn't sound bad but within minutes we were all proven wrong. I watched and held my little girl's hand as they worked on her to help her breath, she cried every step of the way and would only stop for a second when she saw I was next to her. It broke my heart to see her cry and I cried right along with her.

After minutes of suctioning and crying it was very apparent that Annalise's oxygen level was dropping she was given oxygen but with each doctor that came in to see her we were soon told that she would have to be admitted and they were going to have to put her on a CPAP machine. Once again we would have to see her with machines hooked up to her but this time seemed worse. I tried to pull my self together but the more I looked down at the gurney and saw my little girl in so much pain the more tears just fell from my face.

Our little one endured so much while she was in the hospital first her IV was put in wrong and the nurse insisted I was wrong, then the CPAP machine was bothering her so much and she was fighting it that they had to sedate her. After the first night and a change in nurses I made it a point to have the IV checked and sure enough I was right... they removed it because she had a second one put in by the NICU PICC specialist and she had done an amazing job that the first one was taken out and within minutes you could see a change in Annalise, she was comfortable and happy once again.

The CPAPA machine was removed after a couple of days and then we received the okay to feed her and for the first time in days I was able to hold my little girl in my arms and once again tell her everything was going to be okay she just had to fight.

Annalise spent 5 days at the hospital and I spent every minute both day and night with her I wasn't going to take any chances that something else would go wrong. Like a little fighter that she is Annalise kicked the bronchiolitis' butt, she had picked it up from the doctor's office 2 days before when we had taken her for an "introduction" to her pediatrician (we changed locations and thus doctors).

Annalise came home on December 29th... doctor's visit on December 30th and then at the children's hospital on January 2nd with bronchiolitis... Our little one was keeping us on our toes.

December 30
Hating the CPAP

Feeling better but still swollen
Showing off her new hat

Annalise with her turtle that Daddy bought her while she was in the hospital... Finally going home.

Annalise was finally discharged and we were told to keep a close eye on her and if there were any changes to bring her in right away... well she made it exactly a month to the day before we were back again but this time she wasn't as bad. She only had to have a breathing treatment and some x-rays and we were able to take her home that same day apparently because of how small she was it took her body over a month to fully get rid of the bronchiolitis.

We have definitely had our share of hospital and doctor's visits but I'm happy to report that Annalise is doing great and brighting up our world with her smile each and every day.